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Master Bedroom Painting – The Perfect Romantic Makeover

The holiday season is upon us so we’ll soon be spending more time with family and friends. But first there’s a whole list of Christmas gifts to think about and the Thanksgiving dinner to plan. Life can be so full of chores, work, kids, and errands that there’s hardly time to think about romance.

If you are looking for creative gifts for your spouse or significant other this year, why not turn up the heat with a master bedroom makeover?

Painting the bedroom in a romantic color scheme could be just what you both need for Christmas. Then all you need to do is light some candles, open some wine, put on some Christmas music, and enjoy some romantic evenings with your mate. Here are some great painting tips that can make this holiday season in Richmond really special.

Romantic Bedroom Color Schemes

Color moves us way more than we realize. What color is your master bedroom painted now? Is it plain old off-white or dull tan? Is it loud or noisy or too neutral? Or does it leave you thinking about the color of the ocean? This could be the problem in the romance department.

While all these colors are fine for painting, they don’t belong in a bedroom if you want a romantic atmosphere. Here are some better options to choose for your bedroom makeover.

  • Deep Purple – Dark purple is a sultry color. It conveys royalty and is great when paired with other royal colors like passionate reds, deep blues, teal, and lighter gray.
  • Sapphire Blue – You can make a powerful passion statement with sapphire blue. Real sapphires range from light to dark so use any shade for passion in the bedroom. Azure blue is also phenomenal.
  • Beautiful Sultry Reds – When painting the bedroom with red, you want it to look sultry -not like a stop sign. It’s also easy to choose the wrong red which looks harsh or overwhelming. Choose a red with blue undertones or a darker rusty red for depth and interest. Red is definitely a passion color that vibrates the senses so be careful!

When Painting Your Bedroom Walls

Whether you hire a professional painter or do it yourself, be sure that a good quality primer is used. You don’t want those passion colors soaking into the drywall. Darker colors are hard to paint over too, so always use a good primer when painting.

From the Richmond Painting experts at 89-Paint Corporation, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season! If you need a professional to help, we are the pros who can make your master bedroom look amazing!

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