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Coffered or Cathedral or Cove, We’ve Got Your Ceiling Covered

625570_10151518472155937_2129961493_nLook up. Are you at home? Work? Unless you are outside, you will be gazing at a ceiling. What style of ceiling?  There are a multitude of answers to that question.  Ceilings range in architectural style from the grand Cathedral style  to simple popcorn ceilings, from vaulted to tray, from tin to drywall and plaster. the choices go on. But regardless of which ceiling hangs over your head, your Richmond painting contractor can give it a dazzling coat of the perfect color (or colors) of paint to complement your decor.

We recently completed an interior painting project involving a coffered ceiling. A coffered ceiling is a ceiling with recessed panels framed by beams. These decorative panels are usually square. The coffered ceiling is a home design element that gives interest to the ceiling, which is often overlooked in home décor. They can be quite beautiful – and also quite difficult to paint, given the detail. That is why, especially with a ceiling like this, we suggest hiring your professional Richmond painter. It is not a job for the inexperienced painter, to be sure.

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