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paint-swatches-largeThe goal of any restaurant is to produce delicious foods that keep customers coming back. Food is all about tasting and nourishing the body. But in a restaurant, there’s more going on than just great food.

Think about why customers go out to eat. They go for the atmosphere within a restaurant, not just for good food. Otherwise, they’ll just go get take-out.

The restaurant atmosphere needs to be welcoming and attractive. Painting the interior strategically not only enhances the atmosphere, it can help to improve the mood and appetite of customers.

Choosing The Right Interior Paint Colors For Restaurants

It is very interesting what studies have shown about color and mood. Particular colors can provoke mood and impact the atmosphere inside a restaurant.

Be strategic in choosing colors by picking those that go with the type of restaurant you own. For instance, creating a darker, romantic atmosphere inside a restaurant that serves lunch sandwiches and soups isn’t a good idea but is perfect for a restaurant/pub.
Whites & Creams – These are unforgiving colors that will show every grime mark. Within a restaurant, they can also take on a dingy look due to the kitchen.

Greens -Softer shades of green can help increase appetites and calm the atmosphere. This is an especially good paint color choice in restaurants that serve healthy foods.

Blues -Blue can decrease appetites so keep it only for accent color if it goes with your design theme.

Reds -Red can actually increase the appetite if in the right shade. Don’t choose overpowering red colors when painting and don’t use too much.

Yellow -Only use soft shades of yellow because it can be an irritant.

See Your Restaurant Interior For The First Time

Have you taken a good, fresh look at your restaurant interior? How bad is the paint looking? Is is time to repaint? What are customers seeing when they visit your establishment for the first time? Can you put yourself in their shoes?

Do the existing paint colors make the right statement? Should you choose something more subtle or bold when painting this time?

Do You Need A Professional Commercial Painting Contractor?

If you are planning to make some changes to your restaurant by hiring a Richmond painting contractor, 89-Paint would love to help. We offer a number of services including interior and exterior commercial painting and pressure washing to help spruce up your business. We serve the greater Richmond and Central Virginia areas.

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Coating systems are techniques used in covering flat and uneven surfaces on any material. The use of coating technology is always in agreement with the high quality standards set by most industries in coming up with the very best line of products. Diverse coating materials are used each of which possesses a characteristic that’s beneficial to the needs of markets. When discussing Richmond institutional painting, coating systems are of great importance.

Coating materials

Coatings are made of biologically safe chemicals combined through scientific operations. Coating is generally done by pouring or spraying an absorbent non-metal over metallic surfaces. These nonmetal materials are protected from wear and corrosion. They also have electrical properties. In many situations, they’re sprayed. They are applied thinly just to cover uneven spots of the work piece. The application technique is vital to be mastered in order for the film to give the desired beauty that can last. However, coating may also be done through a machine. Four elements are needed in coating formulation: binders, additives, pigments, and carrier fluid.

The following are the types of coating materials:


    • Polyester is considered the most popular polymer that adds resistance to paint coated steel. This material is elastic and formable and can be used in hot or cold climate.


    • Matted polyester is a coating that has a high color retention property. It is preferred when gloss isn’t found to be important.


    • The pural is characterized by a silky matted structural surface that is very resistant to temperature variations. Just like the matted polyester, this has high color retention and displays mechanical resistance.


    • Acryl is a combination of varnish and paint. This coating material is not dependable for it can be ruined easily even upon installation. The color fades under the sun given a number of years of use.


    • Plastisol is used each time a really heavy coating is desired. It’s highly resistant to mechanical damages. It has a high corrosion resistance but its color retention is observed to be lower than that of the polyester. However, it is one of the best coatings for smooth surfaces.


  • PVDF is a plastic material which is made up of polyvinylchloride and acryl. Of all the coating materials, this is regarded as the most UV-radiation resistant. It does not easily fade. It is among the most corrosive coating material that gives a thin gloss finish.


What Is In A Coat?

The use of the various coating systems all provide for quality and safe production of goods. A coat, whatever material it is made of, is intended to protect the product from deterioration and other damages brought by wetness and other environmental factors. Aside from that, the beauty of products is maintained through the application of coat by providing it with smooth, pin hole-free finish.

The use of spray in coating is the most widely used coating technique. Aside from ease of application, coating through the use of spray is among the most economical technique for it does not any longer require the use of other machines. Moreover, the simplicity of its technique allows for work perfection and work efficiency. That is why of the many coating systems being offered to industries, the use of spray gained the most popularity.

When approaching any project requiring analysis of various coating systems, it is in your best interest to consult your Richmond painting contractor.


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