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Ethan Wirt – Owner and President

Ethan Wirt - Owner and President of 89-PaintMy name is Ethan Wirt. When asked to provide my “title” I generally go with Chief Painting Officer or Paint Monster. Day to day, you are more likely to find me in flip flops than wingtips, but my wife says I dress up nicely when the occasion warrants it, so I’m going to believe her. Born and raised in Midlothian, I found my way back home after college at UVA, but this time with my beautiful wife (whom I met painting, by the way) and my mini-me, Ethan Samuel, who makes all the hard work worth it. We also just recently had another little one, Eliza Kelly. I attended high school at the Collegiate School where my claims to infamy were homecoming king, being a passable athlete, and male valedictorian. When college rolled around, it was the time to REALLY challenge myself. So, I did what all young, academic, over-achievers do: I started painting houses!! Overseeing the transformation of over 400 properties during those 4 years led me to love and know the industry, but more importantly I learned more about myself, hard work, and real life than ever before. Running a painting company helped me find my passion for entrepreneurship and leadership development. To me, that means attempting the glorious challenge of making our customers’ and employees’ lives a little better every day. I’m so proud of the great people I work with and I thank you for considering our company for your project!

Jason Sapp – District Manager

Jason Sapp - District Manager of Paint-91My name is Jason Sapp and I have been with 89-Paint from the start. I grew up in Woodbridge, VA and spent the majority of my life there until college where I attended JMU. After college, I found Richmond to be my home. It was a nice mix of D.C. and Harrisonburg which suited my needs perfectly. My family still lives in Woodbridge so I still visit, especially with one nephew running around and a niece on the way. My years of bachelorhood have just recently expired as I just married the love of my life, Paige. I can only assume that in my future married life, I will wear sport coats to every gathering and create small talk about the weather, gas prices, and what kind of music the kids are listening to now days. I am looking forward to it. Paige and I do share a dog, Johnny Rockets, whom we feel is prepping us for parenthood, so there will be very few surprises there. I do enjoy the instant gratification that painting allows. We can change the feel and appearance of a space in a single day. The responsibility of seeing a project from beginning to end is what excites me. 89-Paint is the perfect company for me because it understands that every employee, customer, and project is different and has their own needs. The company’s main focus is building value through experiences and that is something I can definitely get behind.

Brandy Dilworth – Office Manager

Brandy Dilworth - Office ManagerMy name is Brandy Dilworth and I serve as the office manager for 89-Paint. Around here I’m called the “Superglue” because I hold everything together! I love my position here because it is never boring and it is very accommodating. The flexibility is an important thing to me. When I started working here, I was late-night serving at a local bar and attending VCU full time, but I was still able to take on my position at 89-Paint! I graduated magna cum laude from VCU December 2011 which a Bachelor’s degree in English literature plus a minor in French. I also DJ for a non-commercial radio station, WNRN, in Charlottesville every Monday night. Originally from Louisiana, I grew up in the West End of Richmond. Music is a very important aspect in my life, both attending live shows and supporting those who play music; I can pluck a few chords on guitar. Volunteering is also a significant facet of my life because I believe we can change our community through good and compassionate works.

Jon Hill – District Manager

Jon Hill - District ManagerMy name is Jonathan Hill AKA Jon, Jonny Bad, Jonny Cakes, Jonny Walker Red, Boo Boo Bear, and Dad. I was born and raised in White Plains, NY. I am the youngest of three and have a HUGE extended family. My journey south started in high school, when I became infatuated with UVA after they won the Lacrosse Championship. Once I set foot in C’ville I knew I was in the right place, and by some miracle I actually got accepted! I majored in Mechanical Engineering and still managed to have some fun and graduate in 4 years. I also met the love of my life, Lauren! After graduating I decided I wanted to travel the world. No real plan, I just flew west and picked places I wanted to see. 23 countries, countless stories, and a travel addiction later I came back to the US with a new perspective. At that point I needed to freshen up on my studies, so I returned to UVA and got my Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Lauren and I got married, we bought our first house, and got a dog whom we named Lexi. We picked up and moved to Richmond in 2010. Ethan and I were fraternity brother’s at UVA (Phi Kappa Psi), and shared the same passion for entrepreneurship. When I came back East, he managed to convince me that 89-Paint was better than any engineering firm out there, and I haven’t looked back since. As we try to re-define the contracting industry and create a fun and exciting work environment, my role has become District Manager and Chief Technology Officer. I’ll end with the single most important thing in my life, my daughter, Mary Addison Hill. She was born last Summer (July 22, 2011), and has had me wrapped around her tiny little finger ever since. I swear her endless smiles make everything alright.

Jeff Yohman – Branch Manager

Jeff Yohman - Branch ManagerMy name is Jeff Yohman and I am 89-Paint’s Secret Agent, specializing in covert paint operations! Translation — Beautiful work is taking place in your home with no disruption to your life! I have lived in the Richmond area for 28 years hailing from a little town called Pittsburgh, PA. AKA “STEELER NATION”!! I have been married to my beautiful wife Tracy for 9 years and I have two great kids, Lani and Heath. We are huge football fans and I’m not afraid to call myself a “Movie Nerd”. I also dabble as a shade-tree mechanic on the weekends and hope to continue expanding my knowledge of combustion engines. I have been in the paint industry for over 10 years on all kinds of residential and commercial projects working alongside many local builders and for hundreds of homeowners in the area. It is very important for my customers to have an excellent experience along with our ultra high standard of quality.


C.J. Rosati – Administrative Assistant

C.J. Rosati - Administrative AssistantMy name is Christopher Lawrence Rosati Jr., but you can call me C.J. I grew up in Downingtown just outside of Philadelphia, PA. We moved to Virginia when I was 10 years old at which time I was given the freedom to explore my interests– sci-fi television, computers, and building strange contraptions. A year or so later I decided that I needed to find another hobby that would give me something to do AND a bit of social credibility. That year I bought my first guitar. I have now been playing for 10 years. For the last three years I have been playing in a band with a few of my best friends. While this can be tumultuous at times, it brings us all together and allows us to explore individuality and creation as part of something larger than ourselves. I also have a CAT! Her name is Charlotte Anne Rosati, (Charlie for short). She is one year old and was born in Midlothian, VA. I adopted her last year from the Richmond SPCA where I found her sleeping on a computer keyboard watching ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and listening to ‘Kind of Blue’ by Miles Davis. It was a match. For the past 2 years I have been with 89-Paint as an office employee. My background makes me the perfect person for what I do here. I would say my biggest responsibilities are keeping all of the technology in order and keeping the smiles on my co-workers faces. My role at this company helps to take the stress off of others. I love working for a company that truly cares about offering a product custom tailored to the needs of the individual and going the extra mile to make sure it is an easy, stress free experience.

Ronnie Evans – Branch Manager

Ronnie Evans - Branch ManagerMy name is Ronnie Evans, and I am a district manager here at 89-Paint. Though I was born in the great state of North Carolina, I consider myself to be a true Virginian. At the age of 7, my father moved our family to Richmond due to a slow economy in NC. My father and his before him were painters, and great painters I must add. At the age of 8 I began studying and practicing martial arts. I hold a 6th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do as well as a 2nd degree black belt in Brazilian Jujitsu. I fought briefly in amateur U.F.C. I also love pool! I came in 7th place in the VA State 9 Ball Championships in the late 90’s. I began my painting career in 1986 with one of the largest commercial painting contractors in Richmond as an apprentice, and quickly worked my way up to foreman status. I later was put in charge of all field operations, overseeing up to 100 or more employees, and millions of dollars in work. In 2002 I began my own business with one employee. After the first 3 years, we were rated the 5th largest painting contracting company in Richmond by the P.D.C.A. After approximately 11 years in business, the economic downturn took its toll, and we dissolved. 89-Paint is a GREAT fit for me. They, like myself, settle for nothing less than excellence in everything they set their minds to! No matter what I’ve done in my life, I made it my mission to be the BEST at it.

Daniel Steiger – Branch Manager

Daniel Steiger - Branch ManagerHello, my name is Daniel Steiger. When I joined 89-Paint, I brought over 20 years of experience in leadership, supervision, and developing effective and efficient teams in corporate, military, community college, and university environments to the company. I have proven successes in operations, training & development, strategic planning, and process & policy improvement in diverse environments increasing productivity and profitability.  I am an excellent communicator; effective, flexible, and skilled in organizing and managing priorities, serving as project manager creating solutions with focused actions while solving problems and exceeding client expectations every day. I was born and raised in Rochester, NY and moved south upon earning my Bachelor’s Degree from Ithaca College (NY). I then went on to serve a career in the US Army, whereby my family (of five children) and I moved quite frequently and are happy to have settled in the Richmond area. Throughout my  military career, I earned a Master’s of Arts degree and a Ph.D in education administration. The passion that brings the greatest joy in my life is in helping others experience value…in its many forms, while assisting people to realize their dreams through the “complete quality experience” everyone deserves. During my “off” time, I enjoy outdoor activities, serve as the Emergent Worship Music Director at Bon Air United Methodist Church, and spends time with my wife Linda, our horse “Brave Indian,” and our children and grandchildren!

Patti McCabe – Senior Commercial Estimator

Patti McCabe - Senior Commercial EstimatorAs was typical for a woman in the contracting industry over 20 years ago, I started as a bookkeeper for a real estate company which owned a home building company.  I handled closings all the way to buying appliances. The owner was a member on the board of a savings and loan where I took over the collections of accounts for all branches each day and eventually getting involved in construction loans.  This lead to working as executive assistant to a door and hardware sub and then to an electrical sub.  We were in the early stages of computers which I picked up quickly working entirely as the bookkeeper.  At that time, all estimators were men and I spent down time watching over their shoulders. I went to my then boss and told him “I CAN DO THAT!”  He started teaching me. How it looked on the plans, what the items actually looked like in the shop and how they were connected, start to finish, on the job site. I became the first female estimator in the state of Virginia in the early 80’s. I have been fortunate to have been educated by some of the best in the business.  I eventually went to one of the largest painting contractors in the area, becoming their senior estimator for 15 years. I have been in the construction industry for 38 years and in the paint industry for 27 years. I am proud to say I have now been working for 89-Paint since February, 2012. We have some of the most caring individuals on staff,  not only for each other, but most importantly about our clients.

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